Friday, September 25, 2009

Is eHow for everyone?

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Pat Anthony

There have been many complaints lately. When eHow has a glitch in it's system many take it personally. However, we all know many things in life are just out of our control. Why would it be different for eHow than it is for us? Aren't those who work at eHow humans?

Many online sites are wonderful places for creative minds to share important information and personal thoughts. Others can sometimes benefit by what we have to say. Opinions will be different of course, and not everyone cares how to put a new roof on a house or house to make tea cakes. (What are tea cakes anyway, and why would I care?)

For me, I just want to write. If I have to write in several areas to make the money I want I am willing to do this. Others aren't.

Some very new members were complaining that they did not make money on eHow....yet. Here is the thing-you can't have a few articles of poor quality and expect the world to stuff hundred dollar bills into your pocket. We have to give people what they want. Quality ads are placed on the better articles. I don't like anymore than anyone else does but this is a fact.

Go eHow!

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