Saturday, October 10, 2009

eHow And Members

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Funny how eHow members are complaining about not being treated fairly. It is a little unusual to me to think of so many people having issues. Are the issues valid?

Those of us who offer our articles to eHow in hopes of making some money really are not employed by eHow. They allow us to offer articles that may be published. If we follow the guidelines and they accept the articles, they are published. This is a great opportunity for even inexperienced writers to be published. How many other places are there that will allow you to write and possibly earn money?

Actually, there are many places that will allow you to write and earn money. eHow is just a local favorite. By local I mean EARTH.

Some are not happy with the fact that eHow will not accept articles they feel will not satisfy their advertisers. As we have no rights to anything eHow owns or earns, and eHow does not buy our articles but allows us to keep all rights and even publish these elsewhere, why the complaints?

Perhaps there has been some misunderstanding on the part of writers. Some did not understand the terms of service.

One thing I would like to see change is this: If eHow is going to dismiss or delete an already published article, it would be really nice to have a copy of the article forward to the author. No, it is not the responsibility of eHow to do this, but it would be a great act of kindness that would retain some talented writers.

What are the main reasons articles are deleted from eHow? Some were automatically published, and later it was discovered these were not in the how to format. It can be that simple. If you are writing about how to wax a car, explain it in at least three steps. That is not asking too much.

Where it gets a little iffy for many is the comment that an article is 'common sense' and therefore can't be accepted. Hmm. I heard this expression once that if was really common sense everyone would have it. There are a lot of things I don't know how to do that may seem like common sense. I read several hours a day and always learn something new.

One eHow member mentioned in a forum that she has dedicated 2 years of her life and thousands of hours to have the amount of articles she has on eHow. No one could read her plea and not feel her pain-but-I have to say she must copy her articles elsewhere and keep track of what she has. Her articles are beautiful, but may not meet eHow standards.

My eHow articles may  not always be to eHow standards. I have lost several articles over the last few months for being common sense, spammy, and I just am not worried enough today to recall what the other reasons were. I will save copies of what I have written and have also posted many elsewhere and just wait.

If eHow members have some better ideas about what we can or should do I would like to hear from them.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Is eHow for everyone?

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There have been many complaints lately. When eHow has a glitch in it's system many take it personally. However, we all know many things in life are just out of our control. Why would it be different for eHow than it is for us? Aren't those who work at eHow humans?

Many online sites are wonderful places for creative minds to share important information and personal thoughts. Others can sometimes benefit by what we have to say. Opinions will be different of course, and not everyone cares how to put a new roof on a house or house to make tea cakes. (What are tea cakes anyway, and why would I care?)

For me, I just want to write. If I have to write in several areas to make the money I want I am willing to do this. Others aren't.

Some very new members were complaining that they did not make money on eHow....yet. Here is the thing-you can't have a few articles of poor quality and expect the world to stuff hundred dollar bills into your pocket. We have to give people what they want. Quality ads are placed on the better articles. I don't like anymore than anyone else does but this is a fact.

Go eHow!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Adding Electronic Coupons To Grocery Cards

This original article was featured on eHow. If you would like to read my complete article, please click on the link below this introduction.

In the world of electronic coupons, and Internet coupons, you knew someone would have to come up with a better idea. Well, maybe this idea isn't better. We may all find out in a short time.

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Adding Electronic Coupons

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Get Better Mortgage Rates.

  This article was first featured on Is you want to learn how you might get better mortgage rates follow the link below to read my complete article.

With all that is going on in the finance world, this may be the right time for you to get better mortgage rates than you have now. What is out there that you are not aware of? Get on your laptop and surf the internet for details. 

 To read the complete artilce, click this link:

Get Better Mortgage Rates

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Organize a great fundraiser

 This article was originally posted on eHow by Shirley Philbrick, an eHow member. To read the complete article, click on the link below this introduction. While there, read more of Shirley Philbrick's articles. 

There are lots and lots of internet websites on fundraising ideas. Schools and civic, or community, organizations spend thousands of volunteer hours each year planning, and implementing, events to raise money for their needs. Although fundraiser ideas on the internet abound, there isn't always enough information on how to ORGANIZE a successful fundraiser. Read on to find out how to do just that.

 Organize a great fundraiser. 

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Acupressure for allergy symptoms.

 The complete article, written by eHow member Shirley Philbrick, can be seen on eHow. Just click on the link below the introduction. While there view other articles by Shirley Philbrick.

Beyond allergy prescription, and over the counter medication, there are natural alternatives to treat symptoms and provide relief. Acupressure is one such alternative that can be quickly and easily learned and used to quell sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, pain and congestion of hay fever and other seasonal allergies.

Acupressure for allergy symptoms.

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Shirley Philbrick's Baby Red Potatoes Recipe

 Below is a portion of the article originally posted on eHow by Shirley Philbrick.  To read the complete recipe see the link below.

For an easy vegetarian recipe with baby red potatoes, consider adding this one to your recipe collection. Easy, quick (30 minutes or less), and delicious; it makes the perfect main meal for a vegetarian or as the entree' with a side portion of beef or poultry for those with a heartier appetite.

To read the complete article follow the link below:

Baby red potatoes recipe.

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